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How to Spot Your Future Customer Service Superstar

When it comes to staffing your customer service/contact center, do you advertise only when you need more bodies — or are your recruiting efforts ongoing? And if they’re ongoing, do you advertise in only one medium — such as newspapers — or do you put the word out in multiple outlets? Jackie Kenyon-Chabot, director of ... Read More

What Do Employees REALLY Think of Corporate Training?

Are your employees telling you what they really think of your corporate training initiatives? Probably not. Because you’re not asking the right questions, and they aren’t comfortable telling you the “hard truth.” How do you determine the success of a corporate training initiative? Most organizations survey participants shortly after a course is completed. And training ... Read More

The ‘S’ Supportive Profile

By Dan Rust for Frontline Learning At the extreme, this type of individual tends to perceive the environment as a safe and supportive place over which he or she has little or no control.This drives a tendency towards being a good listener, reliable and dependable, a loyal team player. But not someone who will take ... Read More

Understanding Behavioral Styles

By Dan Rust for Frontline Learning Four-factor “DISC” behavioral models are ubiquitous in the world of corporate training and development today. A simple Google search produces over a hundred different DISC-style behavioral profiles, assessments and surveys, all based upon the same fundamental research. The best way to make sense of all these options is to ... Read More

12 Strategies for High-Impact Corporate Training

For more than 20 years we have been developing and delivering corporate training programs, in a broad range of complex and competitive industries. We continually refined and improved our process, always looking for opportunities to improve both learner satisfaction and business impact. Here, in no particular order, are the 12 key principles and practices that ... Read More