The Most Critical Productivity Skills

Productivity is a lot like pornography. To paraphrase U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, you may not know exactly how to define it, but you know it when you see it. In almost every business there are a few highly productive “go to” employees, and almost everyone knows exactly who they are. If you ask ... Read More

How to Spot Your Future Customer Service Superstar

When it comes to staffing your customer service/contact center, do you advertise only when you need more bodies — or are your recruiting efforts ongoing? And if they’re ongoing, do you advertise in only one medium — such as newspapers — or do you put the word out in multiple outlets? Jackie Kenyon-Chabot, director of ... Read More

The ‘C’ Compliant Profile

By Dan Rust for Frontline Learning At the extreme, this type of individual tends to perceive the environment as an “unsafe” place over which he or she has little or no control.This drives a tendency towards caution and compliance, and dependency upon structure, order, data, and “following the rules” to provide some degree of certainty ... Read More