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What Do Employees REALLY Think of Corporate Training?

Are your employees telling you what they really think of your corporate training initiatives? Probably not. Because you’re not asking the right questions, and they aren’t comfortable telling you the “hard truth.” How do you determine the success of a corporate training initiative? Most organizations survey participants shortly after a course is completed. And training ... Read More

12 Strategies for High-Impact Corporate Training

For more than 20 years we have been developing and delivering corporate training programs, in a broad range of complex and competitive industries. We continually refined and improved our process, always looking for opportunities to improve both learner satisfaction and business impact. Here, in no particular order, are the 12 key principles and practices that ... Read More

Blended Learning is Hard, but (Sometimes) Worth the Effort

For many training professionals the term “blended learning” simply means combining live workshops with e-learning before and/or after the event to drive deeper understanding and more lasting skill development. But the term can also refer to a much more comprehensive approach to adult learning; blending assessments, e-learning, audio podcasts, live workshops, video reinforcement and social ... Read More