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Don’t Hire Stupid Salespeople

Don’t Hire Stupid Salespeople

Do Smarter Salespeople Perform Better? Of course they do. In every market and every industry. High IQ salespeople perform better than their average (and below) IQ peers. Brain size matters. This sounds obvious to some people. And horribly offensive to others. Several decades ago it was quite common to administer IQ tests to prospective sales ... Read More

The Most Critical Productivity Skills

Productivity is a lot like pornography. To paraphrase U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, you may not know exactly how to define it, but you know it when you see it. In almost every business there are a few highly productive “go to” employees, and almost everyone knows exactly who they are. If you ask ... Read More

Price. Quality. Speed. Results. Choose any Four.

You don’t have to compromise when selecting training resources for your organization. We work to incorporate a wide variety of learning media into every training effort. This Blended Learning approach is customized for every situation, but often includes E-learning, audio- and video-based media, onsite workshops and reinforcement/coaching tools.