Learning that Fits

your need for flexible and budget-conscious implementation

We specialize in rapid development of custom e-learning courses leveraging the expertise of your internal subject matter experts. This provides an opportunity to quickly and cost-effectively “cross-pollinate” capabilities throughout your organization.

Flexible Implementation Is Essential

Every organization is unique and one-size-fits-all training implementation rarely produces optimal results.

Hundreds of Client Organizations and +10,000 Individual Learners

I appreciated the pre-training assessment that helped me target and focus on my individual skill development throughout the workshop.


The e-learning courses on consultative selling skills were great, giving me realistic and practical skills I could apply right away.


I loved the unique “spaced repetition” approach to their online learning. Rather then trying to absorb everything in one long sitting, I was able to log in for brief learning sessions every day over the course of two weeks, which really helped me complete the program while also getting my regular day job done.


Seriously the best workshop facilitator I have ever experienced. Kept us smiling and engaged throughout the program, and also pushed us to learn the new uncomfortable skills, not just the easy ones in our comfort zone.