Organizational culture is the ‘personality’ of an organization, comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and behaviors of the organization’s members. A healthy organizational culture builds a strategic framework to incorporate core values within its mission, vision, and strategic goals. A healthy organization cultivates a culture of respect within a community that supports:

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Fairness
  • Open communication
  • Shared values

But where does one begin? We have developed a broad range of assessment and training resources you can use without adopting a “one size fits all” approach. Some organizations are hesitant to start with a survey because they instinctively know that the results won’t be pretty. So we make it possible to work on changing the culture first, driving the change you know you need, then following up with an assessment.

Workplace Productivity SkillMap™ Assessment

This online assessment is focused on the skills, habits and mindset of highly productive employees, helping individual and organizations target their training to produce a quick and meaningful productivity boost.

R.E.A.L. Communication Experiential Workshop

This program addresses the core culture and productivity skill for almost every employee: effective communication. Particularly the ability to have effective conversations when there is disagreement and the stakes (professional or personal) are high.

Corporate CultureMap™ Organizational Survey

This online organizational survey is designed to help you identify the broad-based productivity killers throughout your business. Every employee completes the confidential survey and the results are often illuminating for business leaders.

Our approach to organizational culture and productivity improvement always begins with assessment because we’ve found that there is no “on size fits all” approach that really works. Once the assessment is complete, our flexible training implementation approach allows you to target the development needs of every individual employee without forcing everyone to complete the same training.