The three biggest challenges many organizations face in executing a customer service training program include:

  1. Service employees have a high turnover rate, so investing too much in their training can seem like a poor use of financial resources.
  2. There is pressure to get new hires on the job as quickly as possible, which limits training time.
  3. Once on the job, supervisor coaching/mentoring is minimal, because managers are busy with interviewing/hiring duties.

Many of our customer service training resources were designed to help with these challenges. We focus on practical “real world” training solutions that help you provide the deep training your people need, but with minimal impact to your budget or personnel schedule.

Customer Service SkillMap™ Assessment

This online assessment and development guide focuses on the skills, habits and mindset of highly effective customer service professionals, helping individuals and organizations target their training to produce an enhanced customer experience.

Phone Skills Trainer 6-Module Program

This program includes 6 modules designed to improve the effectiveness of telephone customer service representatives. Module titles include Essential Telephone Etiquette, Positive and Productive Language, Solving Problems and Handling Complaints.

Team Building SkillMap™ Assessment

One of the keys to creating an exceptional customer experience is to ensure that your service representatives work within an environment that fosters engagement, humor, team spirit and fun. This group assessment will help you identify opportunities for improving your team culture.

Customer service training is in reality a never ending process, because the job itself often wears people down. The stress of dealing with so many people every day, some of them not so nice, can quickly erode a service representatives good habits and attitude. Providing your service representatives with “refresher” training can help to renew their energy and spirit, make them more effective and productive, and perhaps even keep them on the job longer.