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Are You a “Counterfeit” Prospector?

If your prospecting activity isn’t producing results, maybe you’re a “Counterfeit” Prospector. For many salespeople, prospecting is a lot like going to the health club to exercise. You know it’s good for you, and you know that if you do it consistently, the results will be positive, but you still don’t do it as often ... Read More

Don’t Hire Ugly Salespeople

Does Attractiveness Drive Sales Results? Like it or not, the unequivocal answer is yes. Most of us are much more open to a sales message when the messenger is hot. You know it’s true. Of course it’s better to be pretty or handsome if you are in sales. If you (like me) are among the ... Read More

Consultative Selling—Coaching Questions

Consultative Selling—Coaching/Analysis Questions Advance Preparation Does the salesperson have complete, COMPREHENSIVE knowledge or products/services offered? Is the salesperson thoroughly familiar with all processes and procedures? Does the salesperson understand all UNIQUE product/service benefits? Does the salesperson  maintain current and complete competitor data? Does the salesperson  conduct advance customer research on EVERY prospect? Does the salesperson  ... Read More

Ten Traits of Top Salespeople

Ten traits are common to the most effective salespeople—those salespeople who, by instinct, intense practice, or a combination of the two, manage to pull ahead of the pack year after year. These salespeople are the ones who tend to receive the most impressive career rewards both financially and psychologically. They are able to achieve exceptional ... Read More

The Value of Mini-Presentations

What is a mini-presentation? A mini-presentation is a short (5-10) presentation that highlights one, and only one, feature that your company has to offer that meets one of the customer’s key needs.  It would include the specific benefits that the customer would gain with this feature. What is the purpose of a mini-presentation? Because there ... Read More

Hold on to Your Sales Talent

Finding, Attracting and KEEPING the Best Salespeople The average cost of losing a salesperson with repeat and referral business ranges from $50,000 to $250,000 on up, per year. Just to replace one good salesperson can cost as much as $20,000 to $30,000 when the cost of recruiting and training is calculated. The biggest mistake business ... Read More

The Importance of Role-Playing

Vince Lombardi, the famous football coach, used to say, “Football is about blocking and tackling. The team that blocks and tackles better than their opponent will probably win the game.” Translation … stick to the basics and practice, practice, practice. Confidence, in my estimation, is the most important characteristic any salesperson can have. The more ... Read More

Cold Calling Tips

Have you ever wondered why some companies or trade representatives are not successful in sales? In many cases this can simply be attributed to the improper use of the telephone, the very device that allows the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to access the client. Application of the rules included in this article will help ... Read More

How to Beat Customer Apathy

Beat customer apathy with smart sales strategies Salespeople who know how to handle customer indifference are much more likely to bring in new business. The truth is that most prospective customers are initially indifferent or apathetic. You know the scenario. They say that they’re satisfied with the company that they’re currently with; they like their ... Read More

20 Telesales Tips

As a sales professional using the phone as your main method of communication, you perform a function that very few people in the world could do well, or would even want to try – persuading someone to take action and make a decision, based almost solely on the words and ideas that come from your ... Read More