Can you build a better leader?

How do you TARGET individual leadership development to specific skills and competencies?

How do you give leaders the direct, candid feedback they need, in a manner they will accept?

Are leaders ‘born, not made’ or is it really possible to develop leadership capabilities?

Effective leadership ability springs from a subtle and complex set of interrelated business, personal, intellectual and emotional capabilities. Helping individual become better leaders is a daunting task – and a fair case can be made that leadership development efforts are not a good investment. Because the best leaders seem to evolve and continuously improve on their own, while those with clear development issues often stagnate and never really improve.

Feedback provided by the Leadership StyleMapTM assessment (see sample graph below) can help individual leaders see themselves in a more objective manner and focus their development efforts toward specific competencies and skills.

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The Leadership StyleMap™ is built upon a thoroughly researched and validated leadership model that encompasses all of the roles and responsibilities of a typical leader in the the modern work environment.

To find out more you can request a free preview which will allow you to experience the online assessment, see the results and understand how focused skill development is linked back to an individual’s strengths and development opportunities.

By objectively identifying strengths and development opportunities at both the individual and organizational level, you can focus your team development efforts on those areas most likely to enhance productivity.

Facilitation and Coaching Guide

Provides a detailed guide for administering the skills assessment along with a fully scripted 1-hour workshop for each of the 8 skill categories. Handouts, overhead masters and PowerPoint presentations are also included for each workshop.


Provides complete training in each of the 8 skill categories. Individuals can complete the entire program, but most instead focus only on the skill categories that were identified as development opportunities by the assessment.