Effective communication is the most fundamentally important skill set for virtually every working person. But effective communication – when it matters most – is often difficult and complex. When the stakes are high, emotions are strong and perspectives are different – this is when communication often breaks down. Our programs and other training resources are designed to help employees communicate effectively, engage with others productively, persuade, influence and listen carefully to the perspectives of others.

Communication SkillMap™ Assessment

This online assessment is designed to help individuals and organizations identify communication strengths and development opportunities. Upon completion, the respondent is able to access skill building resources based upon individual results.

R.E.A.L. Communication Experiential Workshop

This interactive workshop is focused on helping people develop the skills necessary to have meaningful and productive dialogue with others when there is disagreement, especially when emotions are high and differing opinions are strong.

Essential Selling SkillMap™ Assessment

This online assessment is designed for B2B and B2C salespeople with short and relatively simple selling cycles. The assessment identifies individual strengths and development opportunities in 10 competency categories.

All of the training resources we develop at Frontline Learning are built with an “open architecture” approach that allows for easy customization and integration with an organization’s other training programs and priorities. There is no single “right” or best way to implement these programs – the best way is the way that works for your organization. Our assessments, e-learning courses, workshops and other training resources are designed to be interrelated, but not interdependent. One client organization might best be served with assessments and e-learning courses while another focuses on the live workshops. In the end, what is best for you, is what’s best for you.