The need to work proactively at creating and maintaining a high performance organizational culture has perhaps never been more challenging, and never more important. The difficult economy has driven a renewed need for improvement and systemic change within many organizations: customers expect more, competent workers are growing scarce, and competition is intensifying. Every business has an opportunities for improvement. But where does one start?

The Corporate CultureMapTM was designed to:

  • Allow an organization to accurately measure the engagement level of their employees and provide leaders with critical information to target where action will be taken.
  • Provide an objective analysis and actionable feedback based upon confidential employee responses to a brief online assessment.
  • Facilitate the improvement, alignment, and integration of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities.
  • Provide a resource for an organization to monitor progress over time. The assessment can be repeated annually, with progress reports provided to identify areas of improvement and new opportunities for further enhancement.

This assessment is built upon a proven organizational high performance model, and upon completion an individual respondent views a graph similar to the one below which represents his or her individual perspective.

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Note: One of the common challenges we see when organizations deploy this survey, is senior leadership being surprised by the results. Because the survey is deployed in a fully confidential manner, there is no way to identify the results of individual respondents which means they are often much more honest (sometimes brutally so) than they might be otherwise. Leadership really needs to be ready for the tough truth, otherwise they may instinctively dismiss the results – or even worse, want to bury and forget them.

This is not to say that the results are always troublesome. Certainly this survey also presents an opportunity to validate a positive company culture while alos identifying opportunities for enhancement, if they exist.