Strategic Thinking, Planning and Selling

In today’s complex and competitive market there are often many factors beyond the tactical selling process that influence the eventual outcome. The most effective salespeople in this environment have learned to think both tactically and strategically, analyzing every factor the impacts the eventual sale.

Many salespeople who invest the time and energy needed to truly master consultative selling skills are frustrated when they apply these skills and still sometimes lose the sale – often for reason that go beyond the tactical selling process. To truly maximize your potential for sales success it is important to develop the ability to analyze every factor that could potential have an impact on the sale, then develop a response to every significant factor.

Strategic Thinking, Planning and Selling is a training program designed to help salespeople analyze all of the factors that lead to (or prevent) a sale, then work to:

  • Utilize the plus factors they can’t control by taking advantage of them and making them visible.

  • Maximize the plus factors they can control by enhancing them and using them to influence the decision process.

  • Minimize the negative factors they can’t control by reducing their effects as much as you can or outweighing them with other benefits.

  • Eliminate the negative factors they can control by removing them or resolving the issues.