Phone Skills Trainer™ is a comprehensive telephone skills training program that improves the way your service representatives communicate with customers. The time-tested skills and techniques in this customer service training program are proven to increase revenue and customer retention while also reducing the stress on your customer contact team members.

This telephone customer service training program can be delivered online or with DvD videos for individual self-paced learning, or through onsite classroom workshops. Your CSRs can start this telephone skills training program today, and you’ll be seeing immediate results! Module titles include:

  • Essential Telephone Etiquette – Basic telephone etiquette as well as the most fundamental and critical practices that create an exceptional customer experience over the telephone.
  • Positive and Productive Language – Learn how tone of voice and the specific words you use can have a significant impact (positive or negative) on the customer.
  • Service-Oriented Attitude – Is it possible to train someone to have a better attitude? It isn’t easy, but this module helps employees understand what is in it for THEM to have a strong spirit of service.
  • Energy and Stamina – Spending long hours on the telephone with customers can be difficult and demanding. This module provides specific techniques to reduce stress, improve health and overall energy.
  • Handling Complaints – Nothing is more challenging than an unhappy customer. This module provides specific processes and techniques for handling the most difficult customer complaints.
  • Solving Problems – For those who spend their work day solving customer problems, this module provides a structured thought process for addressing the most complex problems successfully.

Phone Skills Trainer™ is designed with long-term reinforcement that assures significant skill development. Whether you wish to have the training delivered online or on site, by your training staff or ours, we have a broad range of learning resources.

  • E-learning courses
  • CD-ROM Modules
  • Online Skills Assessment
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant workbook
  • Coaching Tools

Your employees will learn phone etiquette and other telephone skills, delivered in small “learning bites” that minimize the downtime of your sales and service staff. This telephone skills training program is time-tested and proven to produce the results you are looking for.