How do you help a customer service representative improve his or her effectiveness if you’re not sure which specific skills needs to be learned or enhanced?

How do you target your CSR training at both the individual and organizational level?

How can you reduce your training budget while increasing effectiveness?

The Customer Service SKillMap™ assessment and development guide helps service professionals pinpoint the specific skills, habits and attitudes they should focus on for improved performance. It includes an assessment of customer service skills in 12 categories (see example below) providing a graphical representation of each individual’s unique strengths and growth opportunities.

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To find out more you can request a free preview which will allow you to experience the online assessment, see the results and understand how focused skill development is linked back to an individual’s strengths and development opportunities.

By objectively identifying strengths and development opportunities at both the individual and organizational level, you can focus your team development efforts on those areas most likely to enhance productivity.

Facilitation and Coaching Guide

Provides a detailed guide for administering the skills assessment along with a fully scripted 1-hour workshop for each of the 8 skill categories. Handouts, overhead masters and PowerPoint presentations are also included for each workshop.


Provides complete training in each of the 8 skill categories. Individuals can complete the entire program, but most instead focus only on the skill categories that were identified as development opportunities by the assessment.