Don’t Hire Stupid Salespeople

Don’t Hire Stupid Salespeople

Do Smarter Salespeople Perform Better? Of course they do. In every market and every industry. High IQ salespeople perform better than their average (and below) IQ peers. Brain size matters. This sounds obvious to some people. And horribly offensive to others. Several decades ago it was quite common to administer IQ tests to prospective sales ... Read More

Beware the Leadership Bubble

The “leadership bubble” may be preventing you from getting all of the information you need to effective lead your organization. Whether you realize it or not, as a leader with significant power over the lives and livelihoods of others, virtually everyone you communicate with is going to be careful about their interactions with you. Even ... Read More

What Do Employees REALLY Think of Corporate Training?

Are your employees telling you what they really think of your corporate training initiatives? Probably not. Because you’re not asking the right questions, and they aren’t comfortable telling you the “hard truth.” How do you determine the success of a corporate training initiative? Most organizations survey participants shortly after a course is completed. And training ... Read More

The ‘S’ Supportive Profile

By Dan Rust for Frontline Learning At the extreme, this type of individual tends to perceive the environment as a safe and supportive place over which he or she has little or no control.This drives a tendency towards being a good listener, reliable and dependable, a loyal team player. But not someone who will take ... Read More

The ‘I’ Interactive Profile

By Dan Rust for Frontline Learning At the extreme, this type of individual tends to perceive the environment as a safe and supportive place over which he or she has a high degree of control.This drives a tendency towards enthusiastic expression of thoughts and ideas and well as encouragement of others. But there is also ... Read More

Understanding Behavioral Styles

By Dan Rust for Frontline Learning Four-factor “DISC” behavioral models are ubiquitous in the world of corporate training and development today. A simple Google search produces over a hundred different DISC-style behavioral profiles, assessments and surveys, all based upon the same fundamental research. The best way to make sense of all these options is to ... Read More

Manage Your Fears

Fear and uncertainty are an unpleasant reality when dealing with difficult economic times. How you manage uncertainty is the measure of effective leadership. Fear is endemic in an organization facing hard times. But managers should not show fears they feel to their team. It sends the wrong signal and can cause employees to lose faith. ... Read More

The Ultimate Key to Effective Communication

Is there a single “holy grail” of effective communication? For more than 20 years I have been helping organizations and individuals improve their communication effectiveness in both professional and personal settings. I have developed and delivered training on a wide variety of communication topics: presentation skills, high-impact writing, active listening, understanding communication styles, speaking with ... Read More

Can We Talk? Apparently Not When It Matters Most.

When you ask people to rate themselves in terms of communication ability, the most common response is “slightly above average.” In fact, more than 80% tend to rate ourselves as average or above. Of course that’s not mathematically possible, so at least 30% of us are somewhat deluded in terms of our self-perception. Authentic business ... Read More