The Value of Mini-Presentations

What is a mini-presentation?

A mini-presentation is a short (5-10) presentation that highlights one, and only one, feature that your company has to offer that meets one of the customer’s key needs.  It would include the specific benefits that the customer would gain with this feature.

What is the purpose of a mini-presentation?

Because there is so much information we need to communicate to prospective customers in order to gain a new account, and because many prospects have a strong personal connection with their current supplier, vendor or sales rep, the mini-presentation serves several important purposes:

  • Allows you to present detailed, in-depth information regarding a specific feature in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a final presentation because of time limits.
  • Gives you much-needed “face time” with the prospective customer so they can become more comfortable with you and develop a strong rapport over time, on a level that doesn’t happen in a single sales call.
  • Provides an opportunity to ask additional questions and “drill deeper” to identify more needs, along with any other issues that may affect their decision to work with you. This additional information gathering also sets you up to do additional mini-presentations.

How does it work?

At an initial “get acquainted” meeting the rep gains a broad, general understanding of the customer’s needs and issues. The rep then schedules a follow-up meeting to present ONE specific feature that is relevant to one or more of the needs identified. Each need that is uncovered may lead to a mini-presentation (which gets you additional “face time” with the prospect) and advances you closer to your goal of signing the order.

The first mini-presentation gives the rep a chance to address some specific needs with a SINGLE feature, and also gain a better understanding of the prospect’s other needs and issues. At the end of the mini-presentation, another mini-presentation should be scheduled, as long as there are additional needs to address.

The rep can do a series of these mini-presentations until he/she addresses all of the needs identified with initial ground-working and subsequent needs analysis during the mini-presentations. After a series of mini-presentations, gaining the final commitment from the prospect should be more natural and comfortable for BOTH of you.

How do I know when to do a mini-presentation?

The mini-presentation should always be planned and prepared.  Therefore, when you are ground-working your prospect and you uncover a need, your advancement objective should become obtaining another appointment with the prospect to “present” to them a solution for their problem or need.  Rather than jumping in immediately to list features and benefits that address their need, probe further for more information to help you prepare a mini-presentation that will truly address all of their concerns surrounding this need.

Does this mini-presentation replace my formal proposal?

NO.  Since the mini-presentation is brief (5-15 minutes), you can present and then spend more time ground-working your prospect to determine if your presentation hit the mark, AND to uncover more needs that you can address later.  You should always be prepared to sign the order at any time, but it will probably take a few of these mini-presentations to lead up to signing the order.

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