Managing Complex Accounts

Managing Complex Accounts

Taking care of your largest, most profitable accounts has always been important. But in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, your competitors are doing everything they can to get a “foot in the door” with your large accounts. This makes to more imperative than ever that you protect these accounts while also maximizing their profitability.
This will come as no surprise to you, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Yet, a lot of the traditional methods of selling are based on the belief that we do. They work on the premise that you have the time and resources to treat all your accounts with the same care and attention, and that all your clients appreciate and value your hard work.

While that may be a nice thought, the truth is, if you want to succeed in the real world, you have to take care of the accounts that take care of you. That means making some priorities.

To do that, you have to identify your “large accounts” and concentrate your limited resources on those opportunities with the best chances of high return.

You’ll also need to safeguard your investments by managing those committed resources systematically.

Managing Complex Accounts is a training program designed to help salespeople manage every large account for maximum productivity.