We’re Passionate about Corporate Learning

to Help You and Your Business Grow

For more than 20 years we have been bringing our passion, energy and expertise to individuals and organizations. Our high-impact corporate learning resources are designed to fit your budget while targeting the specific skills, habits and attitudes which will drive the change you are seeking.

Targeted Training
Flexible Execution
Easy on Your Budget
Proven Results

How We Do It

Before jumping in to making a recommendation or advocating for a particular training solution, we WORK HARD to understand your business. We take the time to DO OUR HOMEWORK and gain a deep awareness of your particular business dynamics. Then and only then, we CRAFT A SOLUTION that fits your circumstances. Often this will combine custom development with off-the-shelf resources in order to achieve speed and cost-effectiveness while also targeting your specific training needs.

Needs Analysis

We dig deep to understand your immediate tactical training needs, but also work to discern the “need under the need.”


We have developed a broad range of assessment tools to help you quickly identify individual and organizational needs.

Blended Learning

Experiential workshops reinforced with e-learning courses, manager coaching and performance support tools.


We develop e-learning courses that are fun, fast and relevant. No wasted time. No pointless games or gimmicks.


Our workshops emphasize experiential exercises designed to drive deep learning and develop new capabilities..

ROI Analysis

We fully embrace the fact that great training is pointless unless it also produces a tangible return on your investment.

We’re Different. Really.

There are thousands upon thousands to corporate training companies, publishers and independent trainers. Many of them are our friends and we love (most of) them. But we also know there is something really different about working with us. We are fun. We are focused. We produce results. And we enjoy the process.

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