Workplace Productivity Articles


Below are links to three recent articles focused on workplace productivity which we have found to be quite useful.

Compartmentalize your calendar for added efficiency
Entrepreneurs typically have many balls in the air at any given time, and dropping any one of them can lead to disaster. By compartmentalizing multiple tasks into separate days and times, you can reduce distractions, avoid shifting gears and get more done, writes Amber Singleton Riviere. She offers tips for effective compartmentalization, including the planners and calendars she uses to keep projects on track. Web Worker Daily

Find focus wherever you are
Working from anywhere is great, but productivity can suffer when you’re distracted by children, co-workers — or baristas. Sarah Kessler rounds up 37 suggestions for keeping your focus, including wearing headphones and avoiding e-mail for the first 45 minutes of your day. And when your self-discipline lags, there’s even a program to temporarily block your Internet access. Mashable

5 steps to digging out of a productivity rut
If you feel yourself getting out of sync with your work, you can move yourself back into a more productive state by recognizing signs that you’re getting off task — such as feeling uneasy or nervous, say Rosemary Tator and Alesia Latson, authors of “More Time for You: A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done.” Once you see the signs, you can take steps to refocus through breathing exercises, choosing a different task or setting a time limit for a certain job. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Workforce


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