Cold Calling Tips

Have you ever wondered why some companies or trade representatives are not successful in sales? In many cases this can simply be attributed to the improper use of the telephone, the very device that allows the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to access the client.

Application of the rules included in this article will help you to increase the effectiveness of your telephone contacts with clients. The following tips were developed for representatives of such organizations as insurance companies, banks, or trade offices.

  1. Remember how important the “first impression” is. Introduce yourself clearly with your first and last name. By doing that, you will no longer be “an anonymous caller without a face.” Briefly present your organization. If you are not yet experienced enough, write down the first few brief sentences presenting yourself and your organization and simply read them. Always try to be natural. There is no doubt that your client would not want to talk to an answering machine.
  2. Speak distinctly and a little bit slower than usually. When we are excited we tend to speak very quickly. Try to control the pace of your speech.
  3. Smile – this can be heard! Make your counterpart like you. Your “smiling” voice will help you in this task.
  4. Do not allow yourself to lose your focus. Concentrate on your telephone conversation and listen to your counterpart carefully.
  5. Use positive language. Avoid such words as: “possibly”, “maybe”, “it may be possible”, “no”.
  6. Do not keep on repeating phrases that may irritate your potential client, e.g. “Okay”, “all right”, “fine”, etc.
  7. If nobody picks up the receiver after four beeps, that means that they are absent or terribly busy. Do not wait any longer. Hang up the receiver. Give it a rain check. You have many more phone calls to do.
  8. If you are dialing the cellular phone number, make sure that your potential client can actually talk to you. He might be in a bank or the tax office, in which case a telephone conversation might make him embarrassed or uncomfortable. There is no doubt that your question whether your potential client could spare two minutes for the conversation will be well received.
  9. Find a common subject to start the conversation. Complimenting the firm of your client will certainly be well received. Also, greetings from a common friend may make a good start.
  10. Be aware of time.  At this stage, a prolonged conversation works to your disadvantage.
  11. Do not start the conversation with a presentation of your proposal. You do not yet know how to do it to capture client’s interest. The telephone conversation is too short (by no means should it be longer than three-four minutes) to table all the advantages related to acceptance of your proposal. Give it a rain check and wait for the meeting with the client.
  12. Wait until your potential client hangs up the receiver. This is the way to avoid breaking the conversation in the middle of your potential client’s sentence.

By applying the above tips you will increase the possibility to build positive relationships with your clients – both existing and new ones. Good luck!

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