Price. Quality. Speed. Results. Choose any Four.

You don’t have to compromise when selecting training resources for your organization.

We work to incorporate a wide variety of learning media into every training effort. This Blended Learning approach is customized for every situation, but often includes E-learning, audio- and video-based media, onsite workshops and reinforcement/coaching tools.

Every program includes solid reinforcement tools to insure that your training initiatives produce long-term results. The bottom line: like all of our training clients, you can depend on Frontline Learning to produce the results your organization is looking for. Here are a few examples:

  • Phone Skills Trainer is a comprehensive training program for telephone customer service representatives. E-learning courseware, DvD videos, onsite workshops and train-the-trainer resources (for your internal training staff) are available.
  • REAL Selling is an in-depth consultative selling process proven to increase gross sales revenue, profitability, repeat business and salesperson morale.
  • Customer Service SkillMap helps you pinpoint the specific behaviors, skills, habits and attitudes you can develop for improved service and productivity. It includes an assessment of behaviors and habits in 12 skills categories.

Frontline Learning is a collaborative community of training and development professionals throughout the world committed to long-term, measurable improvement in employee productivity and morale. Our driving passion is helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential for extraordinary performance in the modern work environment.  

We don’t just “do training.” Our training solutions are built upon a 7-Phase Learning Model that has been proven to maximize the ultimate results of any training initiative.

Whether your training need is small and focused, or enterprise-wide, you can count of Frontline Learning to deliver. For more than 20 years we have been helping organizations achieve their business objectives with targeted training initiatives.

Frontline Learning publishes workplace learning resources that fit your budget, your schedule, and your need for flexibility. Our “learning cafeteria” approach allows you to create world-class training solutions that truly fit your unique business situation.

We are committed to providing training resources that produce practical, proven increases in employee productivity and morale. That’s why every product is researched, validated and field-tested before publication.

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