Monthly Archives: April 2013

How to Handle the Customer from Hell

How Do You Handle an Unreasonable Customer? We all have had customers from hell. They lie to us. They treat us like dogs. They complain. They squeeze us for every last dollar. So what should you do? Of course the easy (and often unrealistic) answer is to just get rid of them. Unfortunately these difficult ... Read More

Blended Learning is Hard, but (Sometimes) Worth the Effort

For many training professionals the term “blended learning” simply means combining live workshops with e-learning before and/or after the event to drive deeper understanding and more lasting skill development. But the term can also refer to a much more comprehensive approach to adult learning; blending assessments, e-learning, audio podcasts, live workshops, video reinforcement and social ... Read More

Why Most Business Communications Sucks

  Effective business writing is a transferable skill you can use in any and every profession. But one of the most common complaints about modern business communication is that too many words are being used to convey too few real ideas. So in that spirit here is our brief list of the most common business ... Read More

Price. Quality. Speed. Results. Choose any Four.

You don’t have to compromise when selecting training resources for your organization. We work to incorporate a wide variety of learning media into every training effort. This Blended Learning approach is customized for every situation, but often includes E-learning, audio- and video-based media, onsite workshops and reinforcement/coaching tools.